Reviewer's Guide to

Wicked Brainstorm

We appreciate your interest in Wicked Brainstorm, a breakthrough in idea collaboration that is fully integrated with Apple's iMessages platform. This guide will identify the key parts of the app and point out special features that are certain to be of interest to users. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Wicked Brainstorm is an iMessage app. It works within Apple's Messages app and is available through the iMessage App Store.


  • Start brainstorming
  • Adding ideas and sharing with the group
  • Viewing ideas shared by group members
  • Removing ideas
  • Voting for ideas
  • Sharing ideas
  • Custom Sticker Integration

The Benefits of Wicked Brainstorm

The goal of brainstorming is to gather ideas about a topic from our own head and from others you're working with, and get those ideas all together in one place. From there they can be discussed and decisions can be made.

iMessage is a natural place to do collaborative brainstorming because we're already texting ideas to participants. The challenge with iMessage (and other messaging apps) is that if we try to brainstorm, our ideas are spread all over and mixed in with all the other conversations we're having with those people.

The brainstormed topic expands from iMessage to show all ideas in one place rather than spread amongst unrelated texts.

The brainstormed topic expands from iMessage to show all ideas in one place rather than spread amongst unrelated texts.


Wicked Brainstorm solves this problem by keeping all the ideas on a topic in one place, yet still within iMessage. You don't have to leave Messages, find another app, deal with accounts & passwords, create yet another document, or invite comments on that document from all the same people you're already messaging. Wicked Brainstorm automatically:

  • includes the people with whom you're messaging
  • requires no other account or password
  • provides a convenient place for the group's brainstormed ideas, and
  • notifies everyone of the changes to the brainstorming ideas list.

The result is that with Wicked Brainstorm, your group can add ideas and vote on ideas at any time and from anywhere. It's more interactive and collaborative than email, more productive than a group meeting, and more convenient than logging into a separate service.


Starting a Wicked Brainstorm

While texting, open the app drawer and select Wicked Brainstorm. Tap Start new topic. You'll see an empty list ready to receive all your group's wickedly good ideas and maybe a bad one or two as well.

The key to a good brainstorm is starting with a good topic, and the more specific the better. "Italy trip" is an awkward topic because it's ambiguous. It could mean cities to visit, what to pack, activities to schedule, or any number of other things. Instead, try a topic like "What sights and activities should we plan for when we travel to Italy this summer?"

Also, select a topic that's meaningful to the group. People will be more likely to embrace a topic that matters to them than a superficial topic. Some of the useful Wicked Brainstorm topics have included:

  • What are suggested features for the next version(s) of our product?
  • What do we need to pack for the road trip to Utah?
  • What design elements should be included in the advertisement?
  • What items are we including in our trade show booth?
  • What chores should we tackle around the house this weekend?
  • What stuff do we need for the Super Bowl party?
  • What marketing programs should we consider for the new product launch?



Adding ideas and sharing with the group

  • Type an idea.
  • Press return or tap the Add now button.
  • Type another idea and another and another.
  • When you're done for the moment and wish to share your ideas, tap the Send message button.
  • [iOS 10 only] That returns you to the group iMessage conversation, from where you tap the blue button to actually send the ideas to the group.

A major advantage of Wicked Brainstorm is that you (and the others in the group) can add ideas anytime and from anywhere. If you're productive when you wake up in the morning, add ideas then. Add them while you exercise or while you shower afterwards. Add them while you're sitting on your patio watching a sunset. Add them whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, which is often not in the middle of a group brainstorming meeting.

brainstorm update.jpg

Viewing ideas shared by others in the group

To see the ideas others in your group have created — do nothing!

If you're already looking at the Wicked Brainstorm topic and list, new ideas shared by the rest of the group will update on your device automatically. It's true collaboration.

If you're not currently looking at that Wicked Brainstorm topic, you'll be notified through iMessage that ideas were added to the list. You can then view those ideas when convenient.


Removing ideas

  • To delete or rearrange ideas, pause the brainstorm.
  • Tap the arrow to pull out the button drawer.
  • Tap the pause button, confirm it, and send it to the group.
  • When you return to the brainstormed list, you'll see the controls that let you both drag rows to rearrange them and delete them.
  • Tap the play button and send to the group to resume the brainstorm.

Only the topic's creator can pause & resume the brainstorm. This is to protect the list's integrity so that no one is deleting or rearranging at the same time the group is also adding ideas.


Voting for ideas

There are cases where the group would benefit from seeing the list of ideas as a checklist, perhaps as a way to note the features that will be added to a new product version, or to check items on a packing list as they are packed so as not to forget one.

There are also cases where you would benefit from knowing the group's priorities, such as by the group voting for their preferred advertising idea(s).

Each is done in the same way. Pull out the button drawer, tap the voting button, and send this to the group. All people in the group will see the list configured for voting rather than adding ideas. (As with deleting ideas, it could be confusing if some people are voting while someone else is deleting or adding ideas.) Wicked Brainstorm allows each device to register its vote and tallies the results.

Tap the play button to resume the brainstorm.


Sharing the ideas

Your ideas become even more valuable when you share them with other people and apps. When you tap the share button, Wicked Brainstorm displays the standard share window which lets you share the text or a PDF of the list with any app that also supports shared data.

There's an extra special connection between Wicked Brainstorm and Wicked Plan. If you share a topic to Wicked Plan, that list will automatically be pulled into the outline of the next Wicked Plan document you open. And if you do this on an iPad with split screen, it'll happen live as you watch!

iOS 11 bonus — ideas can be dragged from Wicked Brainstorm and dropped into Wicked Plan or other apps that support drag and drop!


Bonus — Stickers

Wicked Brainstorm comes with dozens of stickers perfect for communicating with family, friends, and coworkers. You can change their font and color, too. And it also lets you use any of the custom stickers you created with Wicked Custom Stickers.