Who needs Wicked Plan?

People who plan wicked stuff that's beyond simple to-dos. Think about all the elements of your business plan or marketing plan or event plan or strategic plan or project plan. It's made up of a special mix of your ideas, schedules, budgets, concepts, deadlines, and so much more. And that's not what word processors, spreadsheets, or to-do lists are built for.


What do you have against spreadsheets?

Not a thing. But a hammer isn't a screwdriver. Try to create a timeline in a spreadsheet. Or a SWOT diagram that adapts to the rest of your plan. Try to build a business plan and competitive analysis matrix in PowerPoint/Keynote. Try to use a word processor for your Business Model Canvas™, and incorporate budgets and timelines, and make it reflect the evolving content of your plan. Not easy. Except that all of this can be part of a single Wicked Plan.


What stuff makes for a truly awesome Wicked Plan?

Any content you want to get out of your head and into a place where you can create, edit, share, use, visualize, analyze, preserve, and recall. Business plan. Marketing plan. Event plan. Game plan. Strategic plan. Construction plan. Sales plan. Advertising plan. Product development plan. Lunch plan. Meeting plan. Restoration plan. Trade show plan. Project plan. Financial plan. Tournament plan. Expansion plan. Class plan. Production plan. Go-to-Market plan. Treatment plan. Manufacturing plan. R&D plan. Courtroom Trial plan. Publishing plan. Campaign plan.


What planning method must we follow?

Whatever method you like. Wicked Plan doesn't tell you how to plan. It doesn't tell you the fields to use or the items to track or the diagrams to complete. But Wicked Plan will add the fields you want and the items you track and help you build the diagrams you rely on. It's all your preferences, and that's why Wicked Plan can work with Agile and Lean Canvas™ and Business Model Canvas™, or just as easily your own methods.


Throw some good buzzwords at me!

With Wicked Plan, you can easily incorporate these in all sorts of wicked variations. Gantt charts. SWOT. Technology Roadmap. Business Model Canvas™. SOAR. Impact Filter™. Value Creation Model. Lean Model Canvas™. Competitive Comparison Matrix. Risk Matrix. PEST (& STEP & PESTEL) Analysis. GE McKinsey Matrix. Porter's Five Forces. Eisenhower Matrix. Action Priority Matrix. TOWS Strategic Alternatives Matrix. McKinsey 7s framework. IFE & EFE Matrix. Competitive Profile Matrix. ADL Matrix. Lafley and Martin's Five-Step Strategy Model. Agile. And on and on and on.


Do we just jump, or can we dip our toes in?

Wicked Plan is an app that comes with robust sample files and an amazing Wizard to give you a wicked head start. But at the same time, you are the expert in your field. So while our samples show you possibilities, and the Wizard will jumpstart your progress, you will quickly add your own content and structure. And Wicked Plan is designed to make that an easy transition, with all features just a tap or two away.