Make a Good Plan Wicked.

plan is how you are going to do something. Plans can be simple or complex.


A simple plan can stay entirely in your head. Complex plans...not so much.

A to-do list is simple. A marketing plan is not. A grocery shopping list is simple. A product development plan is not. A strategic plan is not. A business plan is not. A launch plan is not.

A good plan covers everything that stands between you and your goal.

business plan needs to include sections on the problem or opportunity, solution, competition, target market, market validation, financial projections, go-to-market strategy, management, risks, funding needs, exit strategy, and more. Without that, it's rather incomplete.

marketing plan will include market research, industry and competitor analysis, promotional strategies, goals and a means for measuring progress, implementation timeline, budget, and more.

The topics covered by a project plan will include scope, requirements, schedule, resources, stakeholders, deliverables, financials, quality, change management, and status updates, among other items.

A good plan covers everything – all the who, what, where, when, why, how, and how much.


A good plan becomes a Wicked Plan when it's all in one wicked place.

If you had to track the budgets for your product launch plan (or business plan or marketing plan or ...) in documents in one app, and your project schedule in another app, and your features and competitor analysis in yet more documents and another app, would it be wickedly cool or a pain in the ...?

Wicked Plan lets you include all of these in one document in one place. It will even build the parts for you with its Wizard tool so that you aren't wasting time trying to turn a bunch of spreadsheets into a cohesive plan. And if you keep it in the cloud, you can use it from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. How wicked is that?!

Prove it.

Here is the Table of Contents from a sample business plan. You can use this one as a template or build one that's entirely your own. One tap gives instant access to all the elements of the plan, whether your plan is for a business, project, sales strategy, event or anything else that's part of your work. 


What does a Wicked Plan look like?

Every selection from the Table of Contents can have its own look to match the content you need with the appearance you desire. All of these screenshots – the financial projections, market launch schedule, SWOT – whatever you want, even a custom, automated, live one-page plan summary & dashboard – are part of the same plan and same collection of data. You pick the rows, columns, and style to suit that facet of the plan, and Wicked Plan handles the rest.


How to...

There are just a few key things to learn in the Wicked Plan app to be able to explore an existing plan and to create your own. Try these once, and you're on your way to building the wicked-awesome outlines, tables, and canvases that capture the full scope of your plan.


Table of Contents

The Table of Contents is the key to understanding a Wicked Plan. It's the first thing to look at on a document, as it lists all the different ways that the plan's content has been structured. It's accessed by the TOC button on the button bar. The TOC is the plan's workflow, capturing the parts of the outline, the columns, the visualization, the colors and so much more that make up each chapter. Select a chapter to see the screen change to match the chosen view. The TOC contains all the tools necessary to customize your own workflow.


See your content as it needs to be seen. The visualize button on the button bar lets you choose from a view of the outline, the table, and the canvas, with each having a full set of tools for making your plan come to life.


Build your plan automatically, piece by piece. With Wicked's Wizard, select what to use – competition matrix, go-to-market timeline, pro forma income statement, and SWOT for a business plan, for example – and it's automatically built for you and added to the plan. You just add your details.


This is a sneaky little feature with huge power. What if a table holds a key piece of data (a budget number, deadline, important note, etc), and you'd also like to see it on an outline or canvas, neither of which show the table view? Simply select that column to display as a notes column, and the content will appear in all the appropriate places.


Lists and tables have their place, but can be wickedly boring. There are many popular diagrams that can mold that information into shapes that give you a unique insight into your plan. With Wicked Plan's Canvas feature, you can create layouts that match popular planning tools or the unique needs of your organization. Select Canvas, use the tools to add new sections, drag lines to resize. The content automatically fills the sections directly from your outline/table. This is not separate content, but just one other way to look at the same content.


Wicked Plans need wicked symbols, and the Wicked Plan outlines have the most wicked symbols of all. Use the headline tools to create the smart symbol set you want. Any typed character, including emojis, can form a symbol set. Each character is for one level of the outline, with the last character repeating. A period causes the prior character to repeat. A "1" turns into 1, 2, 3 for successive rows. An "a" becomes a, b, c. "A" becomes A, B, C. And "I" and "i" become capital and small Roman numerals. Mix and match for the effect you desire.



In iOS 11, Wicked Plan allows groups of users to collaborate on a single document, so that when anyone changes the document, the others will see those changes live. To initiate collaboration, one user selects the document from the document browser with a long press, then taps Share from the menu that's displayed. Tap Add People, and follow the directions from there to select the other users to share the document. After that, live sharing and updating is automatically handled by Wicked Plan working with iOS 11.

Tools, tools, tools

Press and release. Press and release. Press and release. That's the key to accessing Wicked Plan's powerful tools. You can press and release columns, rows, cells, outline symbols, documents, canvas elements, and especially the headline area to see an array of tools.

iOS 11 document browser

iOS 11 document browser

Cloud and Documents

Stored documents are the first thing you'll see when launching Wicked Plan. The 'press and release' tools will let you rename, copy, delete and more. Use the settings button on the button bar to move documents from the local device to the cloud if necessary.



Ever see a plan that isn't full of dates and numbers? A Wicked Plan will be, because they help to answer when things happen, how many there will be, or how much they are. Enter dates and numbers in the format you like, and Wicked Plan will work hard to understand your intent. Use the column tools to switch between text and chart views. Save the arrangement you like in the Table of Contents. You'll be more likely to use these in your plan because there's zero extra work to do, so it's as close to automatic as can be, short of reading your mind.


Your wicked content can be shared to the other devices on your network and the other apps on those devices. Wicked Plan shares documents, text, and PDFs of any part of your plan.



A canvas can be the window to other parts of your plan. Use the canvas as a summary of the major sections of the plan. Create a Table of Contents entry to more detailed views of those sections. Wicked Plan will automatically add the button that connects the dashboard to the detailed view. Really, that's it. If you use Table of Contents for details of your plan and a Canvas as an overview of those sections, the Dashboard linking is wickedly automatic.

Drag and Drop

In iOS 11, text can be dragged from one app and dropped into another. The net result is the same as with copy and paste, except the process is so much cooler. A simple example is to drag ideas from a Wicked Brainstorm session into Wicked Plan to use them for further work. Just press an idea to start the drag, tap other ideas to add them to the drag, and drop them into Wicked Plan.