Make a Good Plan Wicked.


A plan is how you are going to do something. Plans can be simple or complex.


A simple plan can stay entirely in your head. Complex plans...not so much.

A to-do list is simple. A marketing plan is not. A grocery shopping list is simple. A product development plan is not. A strategic plan is not. A business plan is not. A launch plan is not.

A good plan covers everything that stands between you and your goal.

A business plan needs to include sections on the problem or opportunity, solution, competition, target market, market validation, financial projections, go-to-market strategy, management, risks, funding needs, exit strategy, and more. Without that, it's rather incomplete.

A marketing plan will include market research, industry and competitor analysis, promotional strategies, goals and a means for measuring progress, implementation timeline, budget, and more.

The topics covered by a project plan will include scope, requirements, schedule, resources, stakeholders, deliverables, financials, quality, change management, and status updates, among other items.

A good plan covers everything – all the who, what, where, when, why, how, and how much.

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A good plan becomes a Wicked Plan when it's all in one wicked place.

If you had to track the budgets for your product launch plan (or business plan or marketing plan or ...) in documents in one app, and your project schedule in another app, and your features and competitor analysis in yet more documents and another app, would it be wickedly cool or a pain in the ...?

Wicked Plan lets you include all of these in one document in one place. It will even build the parts for you with its Wizard tool so that you aren't wasting time trying to turn a bunch of spreadsheets into a cohesive plan. And if you keep it in the cloud, you can use it from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. How wicked is that?!

Prove it.

Here is the Table of Contents from a sample business plan. You can use this one as a template or build one that's entirely your own. One tap gives instant access to all the elements of the plan, whether your plan is for a business, project, sales strategy, event or anything else that's part of your work. 


What does a Wicked Plan look like?

Every selection from the Table of Contents can have its own look to match the content you need with the appearance you desire. All of these screenshots – the financial projections, market launch schedule, SWOT – whatever you want, even a custom, automated, live one-page plan summary & dashboard – are part of the same plan and same collection of data. You pick the rows, columns, and style to suit that facet of the plan, and Wicked Plan handles the rest.