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Wicked Custom Stickers™

Another sticker pack? A couple dozen stickers someone else created, which you can't change in any way? That you can't make the color you want, or can't make express the emotions you want? Heck no!

These are not just stickers, but custom stickers – including selfie stickers – that you create! Make your own stickers to match your own mood.

Wicked Custom Stickers lets you create your own stickers with your own words and selfies, and decorate and animate them to create the exact message that showcases what you really think and feel.

Wicked Custom Stickers' unique one-step automated selfie design technology provides users with the ability to create stickers from photos that may include selfies, pictures of pets or any other images that a user chooses.

How many stickers? Dozens? No. Hundreds? Not even close. Try MILLIONS. For any text you type, for any selfie you take, Wicked Custom Stickers lets you pick shapes, animations, logos, badges, and special effects in more than 7 million combinations.


Sticker basics

Tap Stickers to see all of your stickers and add them to text messages.

Tap Build custom stickers to create all new ones.

Tap the camera to take a photo to use as a sticker. After taking a photo, tap Stickers to see that photo as the background for all of the stickers you created.

Tap the tag to see just those stickers that match some theme instead of all of them at once.


Use stickers

Wicked Custom Stickers shows all the built-in stickers plus the ones you create in a scrollable list. Press a sticker and drag it onto a message to send it to that person or group.

With the buttons and gadgets on the screen, you can change the font, color, darkness, and size of your stickers. You can also add logos, animations, and special effects.


Make a new sticker

Type up to three lines of text. Drag the sliders to make the text larger or smaller. The lock determines if all lines adjust at once or line-by-line.

Tap Add now to add your new sticker to the list.


Delete & rearrange stickers

Tap Edit list to delete or rearrange the custom stickers you built.

When you're done deleting and rearranging, tap Build stickers to continue adding new stickers.


Pick a shape

Tap the shape button to pick from dozens of shapes.



Add our custom animations to your custom stickers, and your stickers will be as moving as your words!

Tap the Font button, select a text animation, and that's it. Or tap the special effects (fx) button, and select from dozens of animations. When you peel a sticker and add it to a message, the recipient will see your message in motion. Bam!


Add a logo

A logo can personalize your stickers to express your personality or passion. Logos apply to all stickers – prebuilt and custom – and you can change it at any time.

Tap the extras (*) button to see all the possibilities. You can use your monogram or one of the dozens of images provided with Wicked Custom Stickers.


Tagging stickers

Tag stickers to control which ones display. Showing just the ones with the "friendly" tag or a "work" tag allows you to display and find stickers faster.

To add a tag, just type a word when you create the sticker.

To use tags, select from the list of tags and then tap the Stickers button to display just those that match the selected tag, or even one particular sticker.