World Class outliner

Custom outline symbols

Drag and drop and focus

Wickedly-flexible notes



Adaptive time charts

Text and graphics views

Robust date formatting

Combine two into one


Table of Contents

Mix-and-match all settings for a wickedly effective structure for your content

Make a TOC that matches your workflow

Jump from one view of your plan to another without delay


Build your plan automatically with the Wizard tool that lets you choose from pre-configured components

Use Wizard to dive into a project plan, business plan, event plan, or any other with no delay


Mix-and-match, show and hide, add and delete the columns you need

Intermix all data types

Save favorite combinations

Switch between text and graphics



Text and graphics views

Math functions and formulas

Robust number formatting



Your plan is synchronized across your devices

Use cloud or local device

Keep your content secure



Add your logo, copyright, and proprietary tools to make the plan reflect your planning  methods

Perfect for consultants and their clients


Create custom diagrams that automatically incorporate your content

Set lines, colors, arrows

Use popular diagrams (SWOT, Business Model Canvas™, Lean Canvas™, etc) or your own

Use as Dashboard that automatically links to other Table of Contents views and back

Create bullseye diagrams, Venn diagrams, pie charts, donut charts and more, all with hot-links to other parts of your plan



Pre-build lists for rapid data entry

Filter content based on list choices


Mobility & Collaboration

From any of your iOS devices, your plan will always be where you are 

Live collaboration, with all users able to see updates as they are made

Interface adapted to phones and iPads

Content synchronized through cloud

See who made what change when